ergonomic services

Investing in ergonomics is a cost-effective way to improve productivity, efficiency and health.  Please contact me at to arrange for a consultation.

Ergonomics for the Individual

Individual ergonomics evaluations are available for any environment (office, home office, laboratory, clinic, kitchen, etc) or task (computer use, gardening, organizing, etc).  While in person evaluations are preferable, remote evaluations are also available.

Ergonomics for Businesses

Ergonomics has been proven to be a cost effective investment. We can design an ergonomic program to fit the needs of your company.  Such programs can include employee training, manager training, self evaluation, peer evaluation, evaluation by a professional, preferred products list development, establishing contracts with preferred vendors, organization and implementation of a complete ergonomics program.  As a result, employees get the help they need and recommendations are implemented in a timely fashion.

Good ergonomics in the workplace leads to healthier, happier and more productive employees.  Lower risk of injury means fewer headaches for supervisors and managers.

Human Factors and Ergonomics in Design

We will be happy to work with your designers and architects to ensure the best ergonomics for your new kitchen, bathroom, home or office.  Anticipating and considering your ergonomics needs at the planning level is significantly cheaper than retrofitting later.  Ergonomic design ensures good organization and usability of your space and therefore improved productivity.

Product Development Process

Working with hardware and/or software, we can provide consultation at every stage from ideation to the actual product and every iteration in between. Test early! and test frequently!

Green Building Certification

Hoping to obtain a LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for your new building?  A good ergonomics program and design can give you a point for the “Innovation in Design and Innovation in Operations Credit“.  We can help you get it.

Ergonomic Product Selection

Want to select a new chair for your home office or a stroller for your new baby?  Need to outfit a whole new office?  We are available to help you make an ergonomically informed decision.

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